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Hazard Report - PLEASE READ
by Emma Gibbard - Friday, 15 June 2018, 9:37 AM
One of our instructors has taken the very helpful step of sending us a hazard report as follows: “Whilst taxying a PA34 off the apron on to taxy 'A' southbound towards holding point 'A1' we observed an academy student walk forwards from the airside gate outside our premises as we approached abeam. We thought that he would give way but as we reached the edge of the taxiway we performed a prompt stop. The student had been walking without looking up but when we stopped he looked up and also stopped. Without retreating from his position or even acknowledging us, he then continued to cross the taxiway in front of us, lateral separation 10 metres. The student was not recognised.” Could I please ask you to remind all the students under your control about the care which is necessary when walking airside. Taxiing aircraft have priority over pedestrians! Let us learn from this close call which could so easily have resulted in serious injury or worse.